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Polished, coated or stained concrete in the home is becoming more and more popular in Utah. Home owners love is durability and the fact it's almost impossible to damage. With concrete floors you don't have to worry about pets, stains or furniture legs damaging it's surface.

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Polished concrete floors

Polished Concrete in the home is fast becoming a preferred surface for homes with a modern or rustic-modern style. A high-end polished concrete look is achieved through a multi-step process where an existing concrete floor is ground, honed and polished with bonded abrasives. This technique smoothes out the surface and prepares it for the next step. A chemical hardener is then applied that densifies the porous concrete, after which it is then polished or ground again to the desired gloss and smoothness.

Polished concrete is not only beautiful, modern and durable, but it’s also very easy to maintain. The smooth hard surface makes it easy to clean and well as durable and almost impossible to damage. Concrete is prone to cracking through moisture, settling or extreme temperature changes, however polished concrete is easy to patch and repair.


Concrete floor coating

If you are a home owner looking for garage, sunroom, or patio flooring options that will last, look beautiful and withstand heavy usage, a concrete coating may be the answer. Concrete coating is a type of flooring with exciting qualities that can truly extend the life of your concrete.

Concrete coatings use a special type of epoxy liquid that can include colorants and other elements that can emulate tile or stone. Other additives aid in making the surface slip-resistant. The end result are concrete floors that look a lot more welcoming and colorful.

If you want to invest in a floor that won’t be vulnerable to persistent scrapes and flaws, then the use of a superb coating can be invaluable. Floors that are made out of concrete no longer have to be annoying to maintain. They can stay attractive and fresh for much longer.

Waterproof concrete floors

Waterproofing your concrete floors with a professional concrete sealant is highly recommended to ensure that the concrete doesn’t erode. It’s all too easy for consistent heavy water damage to eventually take its toll on a concrete floor, whether brand new or decades old. Because of this, having your concrete flooring sealed to make it a non-porous surface, which water cannot get through to damage the concrete below, is a good investment and will not only extend the life of the concrete, but will also increase the value of your home.

The best waterproofing treatment for concrete flooring is an elastomeric rubber base coat, otherwise known as epoxy, which is also good for plywood and additional surfaces that don’t stick easily. This concrete sealing formula will give an old concrete floor new life with a glossy shine that looks great while protecting the concrete floors beneath. Due to its lustrous shine, it could potentially make a better impression on anyone first entering the residence or establishment.

Concrete floor restoration service

Anyone who has a nice concrete floor knows that one small stain can be a loud and distracting blemish that is so hard to fix. Whether it is stain restoration or adding a new stain on top of the concrete, we have got you covered.

Stains consist of bonding that’s notably resilient and highly resistant to discoloration, splitting and even cracking. If you want to safeguard your concrete floors from a future that’s full of conspicuous flaws and irregularities, then a high-quality stain that’s expertly applied may be the ideal answer.