Residential hardwood


Residential hardwood

While carpet feels good on the feet, there are some areas of the home or office where hardwood flooring is more appropriate. It is easy to clean, making it simple to maintain as well as a great option for anyone susceptible to allergies. Best of all, this option is sustainable as the resources used are naturally occurring.

If you're expecting an upcoming home renovation, considering the installation of hardwood flooring can prove to be a valuable investment.

Popular places to install hardwood flooring

The great thing about hardwood flooring is that it’s highly versatile. Unlike carpeting where water damage could be an issue, it’s easy to maintain hardwood.

Cleanup after unexpected circumstances occur is much more attainable. Some of the most popular rooms where hardwood flooring can add a unique touch include:

  • Kitchen
  • Living rooms
  • Entryways
  • Bathrooms

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Style of hardwood available

Hardwood in itself is a very general category. You get to implement your own preferences when it comes to the actual style, and there are several from which to choose. A popular option is solid wood as it’s able to adapt to your home’s relative humidity by expanding and contracting. To accommodate, a gap is left between the floor and wall concealed by base molding.

You could also choose to implement engineered hardwood. This option allows you to reduce your carbon footprint as the core is made from recycled wood fiber. It differs from products featuring a plywood core as it’s denser, greener, and harder. However, because of its increased stability, this type of flooring is not able to expand and contract with seasonal changes.

Types of hardwood flooring

Once you have decided on the style, plank length, and width, it’s time to consider the type of flooring you wish to implement. There are many types of wood available, and the best one depends on other aspects of the room.

A hardwood flooring professional can help you narrow down your options, and you can often take home a sample to use to compare against aspects such as paneling and cabinetry. Some of the wood types you could consider include:

  • Oak
  • Bamboo
  • Maple
  • Hand-scraped