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You've worked hard to build your business, whether you own a restaurant, work in an office or manufacture products in a warehouse your physical business location sets the tone for how your customers and employees feel when they are there. Beautiful flooring is part of the overall aesthetic and mood people feel when they are there. One of the fastest growing and most economical flooring options is commercial concrete. Read below about the concrete floor options and view our concrete floor gallery for ideas.











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Polished concrete floors

Expertly polished concrete floors are becoming the flooring of choice for industrial buildings, warehouses, retail stores and restaurants. Commercial polished concrete endures more demands on it’s strength in terms of structural performance and durability and therefore requires a stronger mix and heavier reinforcement.

A high-end commercial-grade polished concrete look is achieved through a multi-step process. First the existing concrete floor is ground down, honed and polished with bonded abrasives. This technique smooths out the surface and prepares it for the next step. A chemical hardener is then applied that densifies the porous concrete, after which it is then polished or ground again to the desired gloss and smoothness.

Polished concrete is the ideal flooring for commercial areas that have a lot of foot traffic, heavy equipment or machinery or when an industrial or modern look is desired and easy-maintenance is required.

Concrete floor coating

If keeping your commercial concrete flooring in excellent condition for as long as possible as well as ease of maintenance is a priority, coated concrete is a wise choice. Concrete coatings can offer many options for adding color, texture and interest to the concrete floors. Colored specs can be added or even a decal of your business logo.

Coatings can simplify upkeep requirements dramatically. They can also make concrete floors look a lot more welcoming and define your business branding in a unique way.

What else can a concrete coating do for your space? It can give it a sense of radiance. If you want to avoid spending time in a space that seems dim and boring, then expertly installed concrete coating flooring may be the ideal solution.

Waterproof concrete floors

Waterproofing your concrete floors with a professional concrete sealant is recommended to ensure that the concrete doesn’t just erode. Heavy water damage will eventually take its toll on a concrete floor, whether brand new or decades old. Because of this, having your concrete floor sealed to make it a non-porous surface, is a good investment and will not only extend the life of the concrete, but will also increase the value of your business.

The best waterproofing treatment for concrete flooring is an elastomeric rubber base coat, otherwise known as epoxy, which is also good for plywood and additional surfaces that don’t stick easily. This concrete sealing formula will give an old concrete floor new life with a glossy shine that looks great while protecting the concrete floors beneath. As a bonus, due to its lustrous shine, it makes a bold impression on anyone first entering the establishment.

Indoor and outdoor cement floors can all benefit from waterproofing treatment. Both will last for many years to come without losing their structural integrity.

Concrete floor restoration service

Concrete flooring stain restoration is an extremely valuable service we now offer at Phil’s Fine Flooring. Whether it is stain restoration or adding a new coat of stain on top of the original stained concrete, we have got you covered.

Our expert concrete floor specialists can fix chips, discolorations, or any other stains or blemishes and restore the floor back to its original beauty. We use high-quality commercial-grade stains that are in no way vulnerable to issues such as discoloration, splitting and even cracking.