Commercial laminate


Commercial laminate

The flooring in your place of business is an investment. It needs to be durable, easy on the feet and legs, as well as inviting to customers. So, choosing the type of floor to install is a major decision. Your local flooring company in Salt Lake City, UT can help you make a wise choice.

Commercial laminate flooring provides a durable floor that is easily installed. Commercial flooring made of premium laminates are resistant to scuff marks, scratches, fading, and stains.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made up of four layers that are joined together by a laminating process.

  1. The bottom layer provides moisture resistance.
  2. The next layer up gives the floor its strength and stability.
  3. The third layer up is the floor's pattern. It is a high-resolution photograph of a wood grain, marble surface, or some other pattern.
  4. The top layer is called the wear layer. In addition to giving the flooring its matte or glossy finish, it provides a tough surface to protect the flooring from scuffs, scratches, and stains. The wear layer also protects the photographic paper below it from fading.

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How long will commercial laminate flooring last?

In general, you can expect the flooring to last 15 to 25 years. Life expectancy is dependent on the quality of the flooring, how much and what type of traffic it will experience, and how it is maintained.

Check with a representative at your flooring store on what they would recommend for your business. Let them know about the type and amount of traffic the floor will have to endure. Will there be any animals using the floor? What type of equipment will be crossing the floor? Will sand and gravel be brought in on the feet of your customers?

Another item that will diminish the lifespan of your floor is how it is maintained. Laminate floors are not meant to be wet mopped. They will not withstand harsh chemicals. You will not be able to sand and refinish them like you can with a hardwood floor.

Tip: In cleaning your laminate floor, do not wet mop, steam clean, buff, or use abrasive cleaners. Clean up spills quickly. Dust mop or vacuum with a hardwood floor attachment. Use cleaners made for laminate flooring.

For which types of businesses does laminate floors work well?

Laminate flooring is rated and categorized on the AC scale. AC1 being the least durable and AC6 being the toughest and most durable commercial grade. AC3 can handle commercial light-traffic.

If you have an office space with little to medium foot traffic, then an AC3 or AC4 rated floor should work well. If you own a retail business or office that gets a lot of foot traffic, then you may want to consider an AC5 or AC6 rated commercial flooring.

If you own rental properties, it may get a little trickier. Are the rentals large enough for a family, or small just for a couple of people? Will you allow animals in your rentals? Does the rental have a front yard or is the entrance a paved parking lot? Such considerations will have to be taken into account when choosing the grade of flooring to install.

Laminate flooring today comes in many beautiful patterns. With advances in technology, laminate flooring has become more durable and resistant to damage. Having a beautiful floor is good for your business and choosing a good floor for your business is a wise decision. If you are in the Salt Lake City, UT area, your local flooring company will help you to make the best choice