Flooring installation in a Murray, UT home

We offer the flooring services you need most

Flooring services are a great way to keep your floors looking and performing their best, so you get an entire lifespan from whichever material you choose. From a new flooring installation to repairs and more, the services you utilize make a big difference in its performance over time, so find out more about them right now.

Making the most of your flooring

One of the services we offer is hardwood floor refinishing. This process strips away years of wear from your hardwood flooring, allowing you to add a new stain color, sealant, and finish for beautiful, like-new results that will last another few decades with solid wood flooring.

We also install new flooring, offering trained, experienced, and well-equipped technicians who cater to your requirements. This is a great way to ensure your floors are ideally in place and will stay that way over time.

Flooring repair is essential for every floor covering as well, and we repair hardwood, carpet, and many other materials, bringing them back to as new a state as possible. If repair or renovation is not an option, we will let you know that replacement is the next best option and will ensure every opportunity for your best results.

Call us today for flooring repair, installation, and more

At Phil’s Fine Flooring, we not only offer all the materials you need for the perfect floors but all the services that can keep them looking and performing like new. Be sure to speak with an associate if you have any questions or are unsure about which services are right for you.

We have a showroom in Murray, UT, and from there, we serve residents from Murray, Taylorsville, Millcreek, Holladay, and Midvale, UT. We hope you’ll visit us at your convenience to find the flooring services that work for you too.